Sunday, 3 June 2012

belawai trip


hye..saya nak berdengah kisah lapok lagi..

last time i and the rest of social family went to belawai beach. that was my first time went there. it was one of our precious moment with our long time fav lecturer, miz roziah.  she's going to further her studies.and that is the reason why we held this program.. well it was not a big program either was it is not something we do to bodek bodek her.. we juz wanna cherish her, congratulate her for having a chance to make her PHD... and also to celebrate mother's day. we all social family assume her as our bonda. after all she is the one who ngerepak / lecturing us everytime for and teach us many valuarable things we did miss place before.

hopefully... naiklah pointer aku pasni. hahaha

ok... ni dia picture2 yg sy nak kongsi...
sapa2 interested nak g cni boleh je.. tempat ni dah disediakan tempat untuk bbq so tak yah lah susah bawak ur bbq set ... nak berperahu pun boleh.. macam2 lah..but they are not free..its murah..

ini dia...belawai beach 

tengah menulis pesanan untuk miz roziah

posing ^_^

with love
miz mieyna

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