Monday, 4 June 2012

Hanis Zalikha

Assalamualaikum.. :)

hye know her. everyone in Malaysia do knoe this lovely gojes women, especially those who love fashion and bloggers. she's a model. everyone knows that. yeah EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. but not everyone knows she is also an actress. suprise!! Are you suprise babe..!! Please dont be..coz it's real. I DOESN'T KNOW THAT HANIS ZALIKHA ACTING. WAT AN ASHAME GIRL.

isn't she's beautiful.. i wish i have that face. she 's young you know but yet she oredy have so much things in life. so lucky girl. she's using SKII. seriously i wanna try that product too but i oredy  found nutox oxyfusion which is so great and ignore SKII although Hanis is using it. did u see that..did u feel that. How great nutox is..yeah..
*watever..why im writing this here in the pic caption* -_-'

i just knew that when im wacthing tv last night. ntv7 if not mistaken.or maybe it's on tv3. it's MEMBERKU HAWA. if not mistaken again. *blame the hectic, crazy life at MAKTAB, IM SO FAR FROM OUTSIDE WORLD ! orait..dah melampau tu. Saya jarang tengok tv. time cuti ni lah baru beria-ria nak tgk cita kat tv pdhl satu benda pun i tak tahu...
tak tahu la best ke tidak kan..baru je memandangkan Hanis ada nak tgk jugak!!
watever it is... cherish the free moments kan. enjoy holiday.. and remember. Hanis Zalikha is an actress. 

with love
miz mieyna


mr_abs said...

salu nemu abg iparnya :D

Mieyna said...

geng abg ipr nya lh tok..hihi..